Rubén Rangel


Hello, welcome to my website, I am Rubén Rangel, software engineer with more than 17 years of experience in web development, in a very precise and quick way I present my value proposition and it is the following:

“I want to provide the support that your project requires so that together we can achieve success.”

How will we achieve success?

I offer custom solutions that fit perfectly to each project. Specializing in a wide variety of technologies, from PHP, Node.js and Modern JavaScript to frameworks such as Laravel, NestJS, Vue.js and Angular. My experience spans both relational and non-relational databases, and I use Amazon AWS and Google GCP cloud platforms to ensure scalable and secure solutions. My client-centric approach and my ability to create custom solutions are and will always be the key to the success of our projects.

Stacks developer
Stacks developer

Having skills that allow the understanding and comprehension of the requirements, allow the construction of solutions quickly and effectively, being able to communicate in a simple way that is what we are going to do is essential in the constant evolution of technology. And what happens when we are in the presence of an error, simple is addressed, analyzed and solved, not letting it become something bigger, every time. I constantly find myself analyzing the technological area so that, if the new offers us an easier and more effective way of doing things, I can implement the new technologies or maintain the existing ones if they are doing their job well.